For Your Information


Q) Where am I going?

A)The tours are conducted from Moorooduc Estate Winery 501 Derril rd, Moorooduc.

Q) What happens to the Mushrooms we pick?

A) We cook them up in Moorooduc Estates Beautiful wood fired oven and feed them to you!!


Q)Can I take the mushroom we pick?

A) No…You will get to taste the mushrooms we pick but you we will not allow you to take them home with you. Why you ask? Because if you stop and pick a poisonous type on the way home and kill all your family…. I don’t want to have to deal with that. So Just No 🙂

Q) Can I do the tour without a car

A) You will need your own car.

Q) What should I wear?

A) Wear appropriate clothes & shoes for the weather.

Q) Should I bring my elderly grand parent?

A) Maybe…If they are used to walking a couple of kms per day then sure. Wheelchairs, walking frames, not confident on walking over broken ground? then sorry its not for them.

Q) Is it good to bring small children?

A) You can but they often cry a lot and one of the parents more often than not goes and sits in the car with the child and misses out, its up to you.

Q) Can I bring my dog… he really friendly and lovely!

A) We like dogs a lot!! Although many other people are scared of dogs regardless. Other people have paid to come on the tour as well, so we ask you to please leave your dog at home or in the car.

Q) Do you sell vouchers?

A) No, it is too complicated with this type of event. Join our mailing list and you will get to hear about the tours before anyone else.

Q) “That blurry picture I send from my phone of a mushroom, can I eat that?”

A) Most likely not, I cant really tell 😉