In 1995 Cameron Russell had just start running a fruit and vegetable business in “I” at the Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne and then along came  journalist by the name of Michele Curtis asking about Mushrooms. (Michele and her husband Allen Campion have put together the Seasonal Produce Diary as well many other food related books since then.)

Michele with her young daughter  Mia and myself with my son Toby on our backs in backpacks, went a wandering around the pine plantations near Daylesford foraging for fungi when Michele suggested that it would be a great idea to take people mushrooming, so I have.

The first few years the tour whizzed and whirred around Victoria, Daylesford, the Otway’s and the Dandenong’s but as the drought of the early part 2000’s took hold the tours settled into the Mornington Peninsula.

The Mornington Peninsula is an excellent place to make world class pinot noir wines and an excellent place go mushrooming!

We call Moorooduc Estate winery home for the mushroom tours and we are very joyous to do so, the hospitality of Richard and Jill McIntyre are legendary.

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