The Fungi Forest Project

This year marks the start of the Fungi forest project and I am very excited to share it with you

Over the last 22 years we have been holding mushroom tours a many different locations through out Victoria. As time has moved on many of our “Fungi Fields” have become increasingly unavailable due to so many reasons too urbanized, climate issues, over popular and simply not there.

So The Fungi Forest Project is a reforestation of 11 hectares with a range of micro environments to host as many different fungi as possible  so we can continue conducting the tours each year.

This is a long term project with some of the trees that will be planted today wont reach their maturity for 60 years at least.



Mr Carmichael Looking over the first of the seedling to go into the ground this year.


Down in the valley will be our little 27acre Forest



Simply put we will be foresting an area approximately of  27 acres over the next 25 years to to create a series of micro environments that will become home to many animals, plants, trees and of course fungi.

In years to come we hope this will become our home for our tours and a permanent venue for environmental education.



Chestnuts and oak