Hi, are resarching for a fungi story?

Here is some useful stuff :-

These are the people who really know their Fungi

Or if you are not sure your picture or story might kill someone….

Poisons Information center Vctoria

Other stuff

In 2011/212 we have had three people died very horribly from wrongly identifying various fungi and eating them. There is about the same amount of people killed each year from fungi as there are eaten by sharks.

They confused these :-

with these

and they die.

The most common reason for people becoming ill is because of this fungi

Very large Fungi for Fhotos…

The fungi in the picture is Phlebopus marginatus ther are surprisely common in victoria and can weigh up to 29kg

The edibility of the Phlebopus marginatus is at best would be described as
unknown. I would not eat it and I would not bet you would not want to risk
a very unpleasant night in the bathroom to hospitalization either.

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